Origami dollar Tie-Fighter

In this video you will learn how to make a dollar Tie-Fighter. This is money origami (also known as dollar origami) which uses primary USD, if you dont have the measurements it’s 2.61 inches wide 6.14 inches long ( 6.6 cm wide 15.6 cm long.) Watch out my making the wings this can be tricky don’t think its “good enough” keep on trying until it’s perfect! This is a how-to video which explains the steps in making an origami dollar Tie-Fighter. Interesting people who spell origami wrong spell it like this: orgami, oregami,  oragami, origame. You can scrap bok your origmai all that hard work doesnt have to go to waste put it all in a scrap book!. Origami is paper folding for kids, and is also folding paper to make shapes.   You need origami paper for these models! This is a very traditional Japanese art form.

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