Origami Dollar Treasure Box

In this origami video you will learn how to make an origami Treasure Box. This origami is a medium-hard  origami it is not an easy fold so watch out! People like this a lot because you can store anything small in it. This would be great for storing anything that’s small and you like a lot to keep it safe. This is a how-to video which teaches you all the steps and features of  how to make an origami treasure box. Other people have spelled origami likes this oragami, origame,  orgami, oregami. This is also scrapbooking you can put all your origami in a scrapbook! Origami is paper folding for kids, and is also folding paper to make shapes. I also have a money origami page check that out.  You need origami paper for these models! also this is a very traditional Japanese art form.

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